Guitar Endorsements

Leroi and Wendy are endorsed by Washburn since 1994.

Leroi uses the 7 and 8 str while Wendy uses the 6 str model.

Bass and drums

Shy'Rite is endorsed by Sonor Drums and Chaka by Yamaha Bass.


Startin Over Again

Blue Passion

Alice And The Naked Flower Tribe

Danse De Larmes

Concerts and tour cruises news

On board the Tombstone Cruise

Bookings for Sep 2023 Tombstone cruise are open. Book via the hotel reception or your Bali ticketing agent. For special packages/enquiries, u may do so via the hotel reception or Shallyrecords cruise manager. Cruise embarks 8 am sharp every Sat.

Our artists

Returning home

Ganja George, Jamaican Suspect, Black Cameltoe, Drago Chillz & PowerClitz.


Le'Roi, CEO of ShallyRecords

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