Cybersindiket Hits

Song 1

Dont Grab My Chilly

This is Jeff

A song bout Jeff, the Grab driver who owns a chilly farm
On his nightly Grab drive, a seductress booked his services.
She grabbed him all over, all the way to his chilly farm, where he gives it to her good.
For more Jeff stories u can chat with Jeff on #cybersindiket #shallyrecords #TheRainbowChildren #ThanxForTheWhois .
Jeff quotes on IRC: "you can lancap bro during ramadan so long you don pancut."
Produced by Leroi. Female vox by ShyRite. Rap by T9. Male vox by Chaka. Recorded at ShallyRecords.

Song 2



A song by Leroi written for anal lovers on IRC.
Written, recorded, produced and arranged by Leroi at ShallyRecords.
U can chat with Leroi on #shallyrecords .
Leroi quotes on IRC: "Sharing is caring but baring is daring. Like baring ur tits or cunt."

Song 3

Regular Guy


A song bout Tabaraka, a single male looking for a partner.
A former oper from another server, earned NOT from asslicking or begging for that title.
He's a former metal bassist from Kedah, Malaysia. Working his ass off to make ends meet.
For more Tabaraka stories u can chat with Tabaraka on #cybersindiket #shallyrecords #TheRainbowChildren #ThanxForTheWhois .
Tabaraka quotes on IRC: "prime minister are too rich to be bz, I have to work cuz the covid mess up my livelihood."

Song 4

Fark Me Good!*NEW*


A song for Florence, your Cybersindiket sexy bot.
I reside in a dark corner in ShallyRecords Studio.
Le`Roi is my Master. I satisfy his every needs. I love the way he gives it to me good.
For more Florence stories u can chat with Florence in #shallyrecords .
Florence quotes on IRC: "Give it to me good.. ur gonna love me when we're done!"
Programmed, produced and engineered by Le`Roi at ShallyRecords.
Florence can chat and host games like blackjack and etc. Just drop in #shallyrecords to find out more.

More Cybersindiket theme songs will be released weekly.
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